Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chocolate and Caramel Corn

Do you love chocolate? Caramel Corn? Have you ever eaten them one right after the other? Well I did on Saturday!

It was my birthday--no I'm not saying how "young" I am--I can't believe it myself! (My heart and being is that of a 25 year old!)

Back to the chocolate ... Well, my husband tried to find my favorite ice cream (jamoica almond fudge) and we had to settle for chocolate toffee--too bad. I received a card from an old friend that said eat lots of chocolate and enjoy myself, so I knew I was doing the right thing by imbibing on the ice cream.

You see, this friend Anne shared lots of lunches with me that ended in the jamoica almond fudge ice cream. She also taught me to downhill ski with outriggers, the short skis attached to crutches. My regular skis had the tips held together with a bunge cord in a five inch pipe that kept me from doing the splits. This also helped my ski tips to not cross each other as easily. We have so many wonderful memories of skiing together at Winter Park and Mary Jane in Colorado where they take great care of the disabled. You can check out a picture of me skiing on my website Photo page!

Well, I had to take Anne's advice and eat lots of ice cream.

But I also had to eat the homemade caramel corn our neighbor made for my b-day! Ever since reading my memoir last year, Soar Unafraid: Learning to Trust No Matter What she has remembered my birthday. I simply had to show my appreciation.

So, pig out I did! And fortunately I didn't have a stomach ache (though I suppose I deserved it.)

On Monday at 4:40 pm after my medical test I said, "I can hardly wait to eat!" having survived on clear fluids since noon on Sunday. But as we drove away while I ate crackers while looking forward to grilled chicken I thought of all the people in the world who are starving or don't have sanitary fluids to drink. And I thought about my pigging out and I felt entirely awful for being such a pig and a baby when others would have been glad for the fluids I consumed, let alone the birthday dinner and dessert(s!)

I am all too well reminded how good life is for most of us here in America. And I am entirely grateful for the blessings I have when so many do not.

Enjoy and be grateful for your generous helpings of food, clean water, and life. We are so blessed, aren't we?

Have a great week,

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