Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'd Rather Do It Myself--But I'll Accept the Help

Have you decided you're open to help? So many of us have a "I want to do it myself" attitude. It's like we're children who never grew up.

Now don't get me wrong. I'd still rather do it myself than need help, but since I've discovered I can't make it without assistance to do certain things, I've decided to enjoy the process.

Last week I spoke on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday--all in different cities! In the first place, I only drive locally due to the fatigue of MS on my muscles used to turn the wheel and push on the gas and brake. (The entire body fatigues out when I overuse one strong muscle that is taking over for the weak ones. I am incredibly grateful that I can drive even locally though, since I lost all ability to drive for two and a half years in the early 1980's.)

This means I needed a driver to even do these speaking/singing engagements. And my friend Lynda is indeed a helper extraordinaire because her spirit is all about meeting my needs! She drives with such ease we missed our first exit on Monday because we were chatting away! She removes my power chair from our van with skill after doing it many times. (I walk in our house balancing off furniture and walls and use my cool-aids for short distances, but prefer my power chair when I speak within driving distance--instead of flying somewhere--so I am more independent. There's that "I'd rather do it myself attitude again! GRIN)

Lynda hauls into each venue all we'll need, never griping or upset by less than ideal situations. And handling my book and CD sales after I've shared my program is a breeze for Lynda while I am autographing books and speaking to people.

When we arrive at our host's house Lynda thinks nothing of meeting my every "Would you please..." with a smile or she responds "I could do that in a while when I'm going out..." Because she's secure enough to suggest alternatives I never feel I should watch out for what I am asking Lynda to do. She just shows such a spirit of service I want to hug her!

And then there were our hosts, Cathy and Rick. Without being willing to have us for THREE nights in a row I wouldn't have accepted this tour of cities. And because they were such down home people, while trying to meet our every need, we felt totally comfortable for those days. Rick was the handy-man we needed for my power chair when the mushroom hand guide got out of place and he was always ready to meet other needs and Cathy worked deliciously with my "no salt" diet and perfectly with my "no scent" sheets, keeping me in just the shape I like to be in. We've made friendships we hope to renew later. (Rick and my husband Ray are both Marines who fought in Vietnam... once a Marine always a Marine.)

At each event helpers abounded and though I have my own way of doing things I've learned to do my best to go with the flow and accept their own ways of operating--that way we are all accommodated in the ebb and flow of give and take.

Yes, there is that pull to do it all myself still within me, but oh, the joy I experience from the help of others. And the blessing they receive in return for assisting me. It's a win-win situation.

To a week of letting others help us and blessing them with the joy of meeting our needs, or having the privilege to assist them!


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