Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taking Care of Me

Do you find yourself overdoing easily? When I have a "good" day, do I ever want to get going on things! I've been blessed to feel good for awhile after the MS siege of bad symptoms last summer. And so I've been out there speaking, singing, recently writing a new book that I'll have available to sell in a couple weeks . . . and that's not all!

I had a book signing scheduled last Saturday and when I called the store manager on Friday I needed to ask for a rain check. She loves having me any time I want to come in and I love doing it--connecting with new people at the store--getting my memoir into more hands. But I had been working and going so strong with a lot coming up I knew I had to take care of me! Fortunately, this wasn't a paying gig, because I never cancel those unless it's drastic. Rae understood and said, "Take care of yourself. Whenever you want to come in, just let me know."

That's why I haven't written a blog either. I've been so busy, just taking time to catch you up on life had to be put on the back burner. I'll be out speaking weekly for the next month but I'll try to write again soon.

What do you do to take care of you? (Trying to be cute here, not the writer.) Read a book? Just sit in the sun? (We haven't seen much of that in the Pacific Northwest!) Eat ice cream? Uh, oh. I'm getting hungry thinking about that one.

I hope you're taking care of yourself--whatever that means. I know when I overdo it affects everyone around me.

Let me know what you do when you take care of you--write a post!


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