Friday, March 21, 2008

Traveling to Africa with Multiple Sclerosis!

Posted by Jo Franz

Well, it looks like my husband and I will be traveling to Lagos, Nigeria on April 28! I've asked for an air conditioned car to transport us to and from the airport, air conditioned hotel rooms, convention center venues--every place I can think of--in order to keep me as cool as possible. I'll take a spray bottle to cool me off. I have a mini fan that is battery-operated. Tylenol taken at intervals will help keep my temperature down. I was given a band you can wet and wear around your neck that keeps you cool due to the herbs/chemicals in it... But it might still be a challenge.

Guess what? It's a challenge we're putting in God's hands! He can keep me cool enough to prevent overheating and exacerbating of my MS symptoms! He can keep us safe in an area where we'll need it.

Excitement grows within me as each email goes back and forth between our host and us. I can hardly wait to minister to teenage girls and women about a love that took God's son to the cross in our place so that we might know him intimately and sense his presence in our lives every single moment of every single day by his power, as we put our faith in him.

Have a blessed Easter!

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Vonda said...

Nigeria! How exciting, Jo! I'm thrilled for you--and in all honesty, fighting a little jealousy. ;-)

I'll be praying that God will prepare every step of the way so that you will not have any problems. I pray for safety, strength, discernment, and direction. I pray that you'll sing and speak with abandon and that hearts will be changed for eternity!

Blessings, my friend...