Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Like a Mother

Well, as you know, Sunday was Mother's Day. I had the wonderful privilege of speaking for a brunch honoring all women, with men and some children in attendance. I hope to do that every Mother's Day!

For many, this holiday brings warm, happy memories. But for others it brings sadness. There are so many families that aren't filled with happiness. For most of us, it is a "mixed bag!"

Often, we live far away from loved ones and a call is the most contact we have.

Some of us long to be mothers and never get the opportunity. I remember having a hysterectomy before having the privilege of having babies...and I was sad. But I had the blessing of becoming "an instant mom" to eight and ten-year old daughters a year later when I married Ray Franz.

Last Christmas I opened my gift from our daughter Lindsey as granddaughters Calysta and Maycn looked on with rapt attention. When I began to read the plaque, I tears blinded my eyes and Lins put her arm around me, saying, "I knew you'd cry when you read it." When my eyes cleared enough I could read again this is what I read:

"Like A Mother"

Although you're not my mother,
you mean as much to me as though you were,
as though you are,
and as though you'll always be.
for mothering is so much more than simply giving life.
It's loving understanding in times of pain and strife.
A love that is freely given and many sacrifices made
have made a debt that all my life shall never be repaid.
I know what good there is in me has come from knowing you.
And so, when counting mothers, I find that I have two.
(author unknown)

To all of you who love and care and support others, sacrificing, and leaving your mark of love, even though you feel you aren't really mothers, I give this to you!

Talk to you next week!

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