Thursday, August 7, 2008

Leaping Joyfully

A doe and her fawn graced our backyard last week. The mother nuzzled her baby, licking her face and side. There was such tenderness in that moment. We never cease to feel joy when we get to watch God's wonderous creatures.

It brought to mind the time a doe munched on the blackberries at the back of our property. She literally jumped straight up in the air, kicking her back feet in order to grasp the ripe berries on the top branches! The doe resembled our cat more than a deer!

As I am overcoming this health crisis one day at a time I too am leaping joyfully. I enjoy the taste of lime tortilla chips one at a time. As I let the lime settle slowly into my taste buds on my tongue I close my eyes to enjoy the tangy delight.

Homeade root beer floats with foam upper lips make me laugh.

Bunnies in the yard munching green grass bring a smile to my face. And the shades of colors in the shrubbery and trees are vibrant and alive, causing my heart to swell with pleasure.

The anticipation of our daughter Lins bringing her family to visit in a few weeks floods me with joy and I feel a leap in my spirit to recover quickly! (Of course I've never been one to let the MS keep me down. I am exercising to regain my strength anyway.) I think about seeing nine year old Calysta, four year old Maycn and eigth month old Ryenn for the first time and I just grin.

I am looking forward to keeping speaking engagements this fall and traveling to Lagos, Nigeria to speak. The blessing of doing what I love brings another leap of joy in my heart.

The Bible says "The Soverign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights" (Habakkuk 3:19). With God you and I can leap joyfully no matter what happens as we lean into his strength and trust him.

I hope you are leaping this week!


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