Friday, January 2, 2009


Everyone loves a freebie, I've been told. Well, I've never hosted a contest before, but I am beginning 2009 by doing so!

Anyone who posts a comment after viewing a TV program on which I will be appearing Friday evening (this coming Friday, January 9) will be eligible for a FREE AUTOGRAPHED copy of my award-winning memoir Soar Unafraid: Learning to Trust No Matter What!

The program to watch is "The Good Life" on CTN at 9 pm EST. You can find CTN on DIRECTV channel 376 and DISH Network channel 267. You can also go to this to check out various markets where it is showing or you can watch it online.

On January 12-16 I will announce the winner who will be drawn randomly from those who post comments or email me from my newsletter we are sending out on Monday. Anything you'd like to share about what you learned, something you thought was funny or an "ah-ha" moment, just so long as you're not totally negative will be accepted. We will ship my book to the winner at our expense as well.

And next week I will share the amazing story of how I got and from to Tampa, FL to shoot the live taping on December 16. Considering the fact that I was so weakened by the MS last summer, it's quite a story.

Here's hoping you make time to watch and enjoy "The Good Life" Friday January 9!

Have a great first week of the new year!


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Ray said...

Thought your show was a real testimony to what God has done in your life!